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Let's Build Some Code Projects

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Finding ideas for code projects to build was the single biggest thing I struggled with when I was learning to write code.

"What do I do, now that I know the basics" is something I thought a lot.

This section is dedicated to helping you get past that stage. I want to offer you projects that you can use to help build yourself a portfolio.

Some of the projects will be aimed at people who have only just learnt the basics. So they will be very basic. Other projects will be a lot more difficult and aimed at a decent intermediate developer. Any everything in between!

Just select the category you are interested in below and let's get started!


Build An Angular Quiz App From Scratch

Build An Angular Quiz App From Scratch

I’ve Learnt Some JavaScript! What Now? That may be something that pretty much all of us have said at some point or another. You have learnt some basic programming syntax, but you now want to build something.