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Get Involved In Some Javascript Projects

javascript projects

Javascript is everywhere and as a result so are tutorials. But these mostly cater to the beginner javascript developer. Building Javascript projects will help you move from beginner to intermediate efficiently.

Whether you only know the basics of javascript, or you have already built some things, building projects will help you to improve.

I will try to provide many projects and ideas for projects that you can build on your own. Or follow along as I build them.

Javascript is a hugely expansive language so there will be no shortage of ideas. If I ever think an idea is good, I will try create it myself and post it below.

Take a look below at some of the javascript projects I have already posted...


Build An Angular Quiz App From Scratch

Build An Angular Quiz App From Scratch

I’ve Learnt Some JavaScript! What Now? That may be something that pretty much all of us have said at some point or another. You have learnt some basic programming syntax, but you now want to build something.