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We Have Made It To The End, Friends

There is only one small thing that we still have left to do before you have your finished Angular project. That feature is just adding a button that will take us back to the start – the list page.

If you want to see the app for yourself, check it out here

The git repo can be found here.

Right underneath the well that holds the questions we will add a large button to take the user back to the facts page. This button will have an ng-click that will call a function that will reset all the data in the application and allow the user to repeat the quiz again without any of the data from their first attempt interfering.

go back to facts button

<button class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" ng-click="results.reset()">
  Go Back To Facts

Now create the reset function. This function will change the results state back to false and reset the numCorrect property to zero (this is to stop interference on subsequent attempts at the quiz). Then we want to loop through all the questions in the quiz and reset the correct and selected properties back to null.

function reset(){

  quizMetrics.changeState("results", false);
  quizMetrics.numCorrect = 0;

  for(var i = 0; i < DataService.quizQuestions.length; i++){
    var data = DataService.quizQuestions[i]; //binding the current question to data to keep code clean

    data.selected = null;
    data.correct = null;

Yay! A Finished Angular Project!

Well done! You have completed an Angular Project. If this is the first one you have ever made then extra congratulations to you. You have made a huge step; a step that many “developers” never make. They remain armchair developers and don’t actually write code. Which is no way to improve.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this series and that you have learnt a bit about Angular and see just how useful it can be. If you apply some of the knowledge learnt here to one of your own projects I would love to hear about it. Get hold of me via the contact me page on the site or on facebook or twitter.

I look forward to creating many more courses for you in the future and hopefully we can continue to learn from and inspire each other into the future.

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Until my next course, why not check out some of the other content that I have created on the site.

Stay hungry, and keep coding!


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